A magical gateway…to a new world in your own back garden!

From Alice in Wonderland to the Chronicles of Narnia, the concept of the magical gateway has long been a staple of children’s literature and fantasy films.  Whether the opening takes the reader down a rabbit hole, through a wardrobe or even into that force of nature a tornado that whisked Dorothy to the Land of Oz, they are loved the world over.

Magical gateway in garden design

But a mysterious gateway as a feature of garden design? We’re not so sure how much that has been done before…

Imagine creating a feature portal to a fantasy world in your own rear garden…a stunning feature in itself but one that could also take your children (or you!) on an exciting journey from the realm of the familiar to an unknown world of adventure and secrecy…

Step through an old, ornate wardrobe, with curved finials and of an ageless wood that both blends with its natural surroundings and stands incongruously, prominent and proud.

Make the space beyond a magical world for children, filled with fairy villages and trolls under bridges.

Or just let the wardrobe stand as the old man of the garden.

That’ll get your friends talking…



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