Taking the first step

It is now officially summer (unfortunately, of course, no-one seems to have told the weather…), so if your thoughts are turning to reshaping your garden, then think carefully about taking your first step. Literally.

We don’t mean the bit where you pick up the phone for the first time or begin Googling your local garden designer (though of course we are here if you need us!).  We are talking about that first, all important, step that you take out of your house and into your garden.

An Open Living Company deck creating a seamless transition

In contemplating changing the design or structure of your garden, one of the most fundamental things to think about is the entrance to it. Whether you choose to walk out onto a wooden deck or onto a stone or tiled patio, the crucial point is that you emerge from the house to the garden at the same level – a seamless transition from the internal space to the external space. It is vital not to break that easy, natural action by immediately having to step up or down.

Any landscaper’s ambition, first and foremost, is to make you want to get outside – to bring the dream alive so that you want to be in the largest and least used space in your property. Making that step smooth and continuous by ensuring they are both on the same level is a big psychological boost towards achieving the natural extension between home and garden.

It’s a small detail but it makes such a difference. It’s not difficult to unify the internal and external spaces in this way, without exposing you to the risk of damp, yet it is rarely top of a client’s list of requirements (or even makes the list at all). So, if you are planning on making some changes…begin with the first step.



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