Teaching a new dog old tricks…

If you’ve been following our launch into the blogosphere, you’ll know that our baby steps in this world have been part of an exciting (well, for us anyway…we don’t get out much…) rebranding exercise that has included a new website, van livery, uniforms, and a marketing campaign… In fact, if something stood still for longer than five seconds, we branded it.

Which is where Molly comes in.  Molly is a very important member of the Open Living Company team. She is invaluable in generating business introductions, is often a fundamental player in building a relationship with clients and she is one of the most active workers. To top all of that, she is loved by us all – and by everyone who meets her.

She also just happens to be a very pretty, amazingly obedient (when it suits her) and utterly adorable two year old Cocker Spaniel.

Apart from having earned her place as a member of our team, the fact that she stops people in their tracks (usually with a big lick and flutter of her ridiculously long eye lashes), gave us an idea.  She should wear a canine version of a uniform.

We thought about dog coats… too dressy. Neckerchiefs? Impractical for the inveterate rolling that almost won her a place with the Team GB gymnastics squad. So we settled on a simple collar and lead bearing our www.openlivingcompany.com web address, and thanks to the efficient people at www.waggitt.co.ukhere is the lovely lady modelling her latest collection.

Molly the Cocker Spaniel wearing her canine branding for the Open Living Company

Molly sporting her Open Living Company branding


Cocker Spaniel wearing Open Living Company branding

Molly poses in her new Open Living Company uniform

Let us know what you think…but be gentle… Molly’s a very sensitive soul…

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