From one small seed…grows a Poppy playhouse


It’s hard to make anything out through the current constant deluge of rain (surely that’s enough now, Ed…), but a little something this week made us think of those things that you look at every day but never really see.

 A very little something: in fact, a seed. We plant plants in the garden all the time and are constantly looking at the beauty that is nature, but have you ever stopped to really see it in minute detail? Have you ever studied the seeds produced by a plant and the intricate structures that make it work?


Poppy seed playhouse

Poppy playhouse

We were looking for inspiration for a new playhouse design this week and turned afresh to nature…to the humble but simply stunning Papaver or poppy seed. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, said Da Vinci and frankly who’s going to argue with him?

Poppy seed

Poppy seed head

If you really look at the poppy seed, in fact it already looks just like a building, with tall windows at the top and an unusual roof which directs water away from the building. 

Many flower heads are fabulously functional in bringing water to the plant to ensure its survival. They have the form and function for a very specific purpose and as a result they are also quite beautiful in their own way, for example the Hyoscyamus or henbane which looks like it wears a crown of lace or the Nigella seed heads which look like they have a protective cage.

Nigella seed head

Nigella with protective cage

If you were to scale up a seed head in size, as I did, it immediately looks like you could just step inside it, and enter a new and imaginary world – a world that children would adore exploring, like the premise for the 2013 film Epic from Blue Sky Studios. So was born the idea for the poppy seed playhouse…and we’d love to know what you think about it. Contact us here to let us know and we’ll feed back an aggregation of the comments. More on this to follow… 

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