A fence is so much more than a boundary

Put a mug of coffee in your hand and step out into the garden. Take a moment to channel your inner creativity, and then have a proper look at the fence that is bordering your garden.

Is it like every other fence you have ever seen? Wooden? Panelled? Brown? Just telling you where your garden stops and starts? It can be so much more…

Think of your fence less as a boundary, and more as the frame to your canvas.

Sculpted wood

Living sculpture

See it as a beautiful frame that perfectly complements your garden and turns it into a living masterpiece.

It is the thing you probably see first as it is likely to be at your eye height, yet it is often the garden feature that is paid least attention. However, if you think that you could increase the size of your garden by maybe a quarter just by including the distance of your fence, then maybe you might just give it a second thought.

Wall farms, as just one example, look stunning and a riot of colour, are easily maintained and can cover an unsightly wall simply and stylishly.

Mirrored fence

So your boundary can be a place where plants can grow; it can also be sculpted and shaped as a continuation of the beauty and design of your space. It can either be a living sculpture, formed out of hedging, planting or trimming, or it can become a sculpture in its own right. Using wood itself or metal, glass or stone – even mirrors, the possibilities are endless and the end result glorious.

A garden wall can also effectively be an extension of a flower bed or lawn; a trellis, an extension of your dining space. The humble trellis – done well with thought and inspiration – is the frame that the climber, as the picture, sits in. By extension, the boundary is the frame that the garden is in and so should never be an afterthought.

Use of colour

Bamboo stands out against white

Colour is also important. Think what is going to stand in front of the fence and imagine how it can be shown off to its best advantage – and rarely are plants best displayed against brown. Bamboo, for example, looks stunning against a black or a white background as those colours pick out the shape and movement of the leaves of the plant much more effectively than a traditional coloured fence. For the opposite reason, green should almost never be used as the colour for a fence. It detracts from the natural beauty of the plants – Mother Nature does green better than any human can.

Interesting lighting gives the trees form

A boundary can also add impact and atmosphere through lighting – effectively turning itself into a lantern that illustrates the shapes of the plants that sit before it – and ensuring that the garden is used well into the evening, no matter what the time of year.

Reflect your personality

Brightly painted, a fence can add personality

It can also be anything you want it to be, an extension of your own personality or a reflection of family life. You can design your own mural, something that means something or reminds you of somewhere, that could blend with the

Marbles shine light and colour

plants near it. You could create a blackboard for the children to chalk upon; brightly coloured pencils that add a quirky touch, piano keys for the musically inclined or light refracting marbles set simply into the wood. The possibilities are endless.

Crayon fence

Piano keys fence

An ill thought through or ignored boundary, however, can be a big detractor from the beauty of the rest of a garden – so take that moment now to just imagine how else it could look.


All pictures are courtesy of Pinterest


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