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From green spaces to dream places

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We are a garden design company that will offer you creative flair, an eye for detail and a true passion for what we do. Expect the unexpected and a twist on the ordinary as we help to transform your existing garden into a dream room.

Whatever the size or shape of the space you have, the Open Living Company can make a small garden feel larger and more interesting and give a larger garden both definition and structure.

From the formal to the informal, from the traditional to the contemporary, we will listen to what you want, talk to your about your lifestyle and how you want to use the space and then create a garden that is, quite literally, as unique as you are.


Our approach is quite simply to listen to you. We listen to what you want your garden to look like, how you want to use it and how you live your lives. Your garden is as much a part of you as your lounge or your bedroom - your personal space - and it’s our job to help you get the look you want by listening and then guiding you with our advice and experience. 

Our garden design is born out of a passion for art and sculpture and therefore offers perhaps a different, more visual and more experimental approach. We aim to inspire and delight you with suggestions that can be adjusted to suit any budget.

We work mostly from personal referral and so your opinion of us is crucial.  Our long term relationship with clients – who often become friends – is something that we believe sets us apart.

We offer a complete garden design service, from the initial consultation through the evolution of the garden design to the final finishing touches. 

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Contact us now for a free consultation on 01403 700736 or info@openlivingcompany.com