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Expand your living space

Imagine escaping the tyranny of the daily commute…no more wasting precious hours of your life trying to avoid the aroma of last night’s garlic circulating round the standing-room-only train. Or, imagine no longer having to finish an urgent presentation amid family chaos at the kitchen breakfast bar or competing for space on the dining table with the children’s homework.  Or imagine reclaiming the luxury of a spare bedroom, currently lost to your office clutter.

Now picture how it could be. Picture strolling, coffee in hand, a few yards down the garden path to a bespoke space that gives you room to think and a tailored office from which to work.

No matter what your profession, we can solve all your space problems with a garden office.  It can be shaped just for you – a photographer’s dark room, an artist’s studio, a designer’s drawing board, a fitness studio or gym...the possibilities are endless.

Garden office, garden studio or gym, chill out room or lifestyle space...whatever the space you need: for work, for the children or for a passion or hobby, and whatever your budget, we can create the perfect space for you.

A garden room is a low cost and practical way of increasing usable space at home, without having to move house. They also have the extra benefit of adding value to the property, and in many cases help to sell it faster when you’re ready to move.

They are always less expensive than an extension and, where extending isn’t possible, are a real solution.

Our buildings are eco friendly and are designed for all year round use.